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who are u in a group of friends like what’s your Role

name: clay



I’m clay


i’m clay

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Aries: The world ticks above you like a vast clock it is a clock the world is a clock but here your bed is still and stationary. The rhythm of the gears lulls you to sleep. You must sleep.

Taurus: The sun rises. The sun sets. You can only feel it on your skin. Its been so long since you had eyes. You cant remember what the sky looked like but it looked beautiful. Bed feels beautiful. You must sleep.

Gemini: The wind touches your face. Something else touches your face. It is a blade of long soft grass. The night sky and full moon light the field before you. A figure in a low, wide brimmed hat moves towards you. There is something long resting against their shoulder. It feels so comfortable here. you must sleep.

Cancer:  You see a light in the distance. The woods are silent. You see what appears to be a wedding. All participants are wearing carnival masks with long thin noses. Beaks perhaps? They’ve seen you. They turn. You must sleep.

Leo: The rope goes beneath the gas station. Deeper and deeper past sewers and wells and cisterns. There is water to your ankles. You see the footprints on the ceiling. You are getting close. You must sleep.

Virgo: There is nothing left of the home but the garden still stands. Immaculate, as if nothing has ever touched this place. Someone has been tending to it. Someone has been keeping the wild at bay. You remember little. You must sleep.

Libra: The furnaces are cold now. They repaired themselves with what embers they could. Some still cling to those old notions of beauty. You feel bad. You press on. Half-gargantuan bodies. You must sleep.

Scorpio: The flat marble floor stretches on forever. The sky is pink, like an eternal almost sunrise. There is no air. You gasp. You must sleep.

Ophiuchus: Amsterdam, 1814. In a secluded corner of a loft apartment a man sews a dress. It will be a long while until he is done. His eyes are heavy and bloodshot. The air smells of sea salt and death. You must sleep.

Sagittarius: A great courtyard. The party is in full swing. Fiddle and drink pierce the foggy night. There are so many bugs. Something is burning. You must sleep.

Capricorn: Your clothing changes with every step. Every motion suits a new need. So many colors. You are so so tired. You must sleep.

Aquarius: You have dreamed of space for so so long little thing. You finally get to visit the moon. People used to think it was made of cheese. When you were little you hoped they had swingsets there. You must sleep.

Pisces: The baseball diamond you could have met at when you were children. The scabs on your knees you could have had. The bowls of mac n cheese never shared. A life still lived. You must sleep.









wow nick is a piece of shit

Reblog if you think Nick deserves to be oppressed for this


Its not her body. Its another body growing inside her body.

Nick was extreme, but he wasn’t wrong. She was killing the baby that was also Nick’s because of her job.

Ever heard of maternity lea ve? Also, I’m sure that on duty the staff would be forgiving. There’s nothing to say that they would be hostile towards a pregnant woman.

Nick had no right to leave his wife. That was certainly wrong. But the fact that he was angry at Judy for killing a child was completely justified. I’d be mad at my wife too.

I’m 100% pro-life. Killing children that may grow up to be the light of someone’s life is inhumane to the extreme.

is this the hill you want to die on? defending the feelings of fictional talking animals in a deviantart fancomic of an animated disney film? like is this it?

i’m cackling, because I just went through the whole comic, and one on of the pages, i found a comment from the author of this comic mentioning that they believe, and I quote, “ a woman has the last word when it comes to her own body.” and that they have no idea why people really think they’re supporting the pro-life agenda

in fact, if you read through the comic, Nick really does not have any good points against Judy’s. it’s her body, she has her reasons, and she’s made her choice.

i love this “new meme”, but please don’t forget that the author did not intend for their comic to be an actual pro-life argument 

I suddenly feel so much better knowing that it wasn’t actually supposed to be pro life

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Infinity War is wild because people from all corners of the MCU fandom are just concerned about the different characters/relationships they care about, and no one cares about Thanos or the war

steve rogers is about to DIE and you want me to car e about grape flavored joss whedon on steroids and his ugly bracelet? no ! 

ugly bracelet im weak

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Kojima is literally the only man on earth who knows what the fuck death stranding is

I hope this post is still relevant years after death stranding comes out

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i think it really says alot about you as a person which winnie pooh character you stanned as a child

new tag game write your zodiac and which winnie the pooh character your fave was in the tags this is for science

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How they seem in the beginning:

Crowley: *wearing sunglasses* I’m cool.
Aziraphale: I am a scholar devoted to the close study of my texts.

How they actually are:

Crowley: *very distressed* But what does it all mean??!??!?
Aziraphale: *lounging in a beach chair wearing sunglasses and sipping a fancy drink with a swirly straw* idek it’s whatever my dear chill

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writing advice: never italicize words to show emphasis! if you’re writing well then the reader will know and you don’t need them!

me: oh really??? listen up, pal, you can just try an pull italics from my cold, dead fingers

I feel this on a spiritual level.

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so im with the sugar daddy and he starts talking about his brother who invested in apple in the 70s and never had kids and is now just rolling in cash and i was like. Dave. this is the narrative youre giving me? your 1.5mil net worth means nothing to me now. i’m gonna go fuck your brother. i’m gonna go fuck his wife too. i’m gonna break everybodys hearts in a bermuda triangle type formation. is this what you want? this is your fault, david. you did this.

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It’s Lois’ first night out in forever and if you thought she wasn’t gonna whip out the 400$ Ralph Lauren patterned dress sweety you were wrong! She’s here to have a good time and lo ok hot while she does it. Hair done and makeup on she’s ready to fuck it up.

Bruce and Selina are that couple. You know the one. They are always judging people from across the room and whispering in eachother’s ears. They’re rich but not ostentatious which only makes you hate them more. They’re both sexy and also shredded…do they do crossfit? Nobody knows!

But one things for sure, their ensembles cost at least 10k and they consider it “semi casual”. That suit is Armani baby and it’s paired with a Versace turtleneck. Selina is wearing a vintage Versace minidress with the six inch louboutins and her eyeliner is perfect. Her bracelet could pay my tuition.

Clark is ready for his shift at target.

@bewear-the-bear @biggervisio ns

I’m fuckin’ dead.

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There are only two episodes left to save the world. Don’t panic. 

An all-new episode of Dirk Gently premieres THIS SATURDAY at 9/8c, only on @bbcamerica.

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i tweeted this yesterday and i’m losing my goddamn mind at the likes/rts 

nothing i ever posted of art on twitter got this much attention i’m wheezing 

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Yknow, that pro-life Zootopia comic is HYSTERICAL because Judy’s out here giving some VERY valid points like

-She’s only a few weeks in, so there is no actual baby yet, just an embryo

-A theoretical hybrid of that sort is bound to have genetic flaws and would likely not be sustainable, and if it did survive to birth, it would likely have a lot of problems

-A rabbit likely could not survive to term carrying babies as large as fox cubs, as bunnies are so tiny in comparison

-As this has never happened before, nobody knows the mortality rate of something like this

-Judy is in a potentially dangerous line of work, and being pregnant would either put her in more danger or put her career on hold for a long time, potentially forever if complications arise< /p>

-Nick doesn’t have the right to tell her to put her life in danger for the sake of a pregnancy that would likely end in tragedy, as well as keeping Judy from her dreams

and then you got Nick over there like

…implying that Nick Wilde would not be 100% supportive of his little bunny gf no matter what and would do what he had to do to ensure her safety and happiness

Like in the actual Zootopia movie, he proved himself to care deeply about Judy and her safety, and would put his life on the line for her no matter what. Why would that all change because of an embryo? 

Like in the comic when he’s like “premeditated sin”, it just cracks me the fuck up bc like Nick, you used to be a fucking criminal, Aladdin-style with even fewer morals (shown by him exploiting that Fennec fox because of his diminutive stature). You have NO room to talk about “sinning” lmfao!!

It’s sad that the artist has such an accurate and beautiful art style when the storyline is just. shit

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The only pure version of this meme

This is what Sesame Street would have on their Instagram

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